Sunshine Coast Seaweed Farming

The Salish Sea is sacred.

Home to a thriving ecosystem it produces a bounty of food the likes of which no land farmer could even imagine. 

As ethical ocean farmers we collect our share of bounty carefully, with thought to the other life in the ocean, the noise we make, the products we use.

Seaweed farming needs very little. It poses no fire risk, it requires no fertilizer or weeding. Seaweed is the fastest growing plant on the planet and the largest too.

Seaweed provides naturally what farmers use processed. Fertilizers consist of Nitrogen, Pottasium and phosphate. Seaweed contains these elements and more. Seaweed can repair soils that have been depleted.

Sunshine Coast Seaweed Farms hopes to realize an overall benefit to everyone simply by being in business. Our harvests bring oxygen and with it new life to damaged areas of the ocean. Our produce feeds local folks that need nutrition. Our composted seaweeds bring nutirents to poor soils. Our farm hires and trains locals to feed themselves.

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