Hello World!

by Gerald Shaffer

We have completed our first version shopify store and its live! i guess if you are here you already know that. 


Today a business is as much as what it expresses through media as it is in reality. As a farm and especially a seaweed farm, that holds true. In reality our infrastructure is not a shiny building or a fleet of vehicles. It is in fact a line of orange and sometimes black floats, and not much else. A research station possibly. 

So our show and tell is not all that great unless you like wide open oceans, never ending shorelines and the company of sealions. 

And so media must be prolific if we are to be noticed in the market place. Our booth must be well placed and our lighting good. The same rules apply today online as they did when we ran a booth..which not only seems decades ago but also socially laughable considering the crowds bundled into lineups and squeezed into elevators.

The Sunshine Coast Seaweed Farms is therefore exactly what stories we choose to tell. For me Id like stories about biology, about creating living zones not dead ones, about giving back not taking, about doing good for our planet all the way down to the individual. 

Seaweed and the farming therein for me is so much more then. That is what i hope to share, a much wider view that i have as a farmer of the state of the oceans, the state of politics in environment and sustainablity, the innovations the many new companies delving into the science of algae.

As a farmer i want to stay a simple farmer. Will i create carbon credits from my work..yes of course, will i use blockchain to create a market intertwined as much in a seaweed farm as it is the digital imaginations of our youth.

Algae will be a topic that grows in the media as fast as it does in the water. Algae will be a source of hope. a source of frustration and a source of anguish. There are hundreds of macro algaes, some friends, some foe. To be human is to figure out how to utilize that which we have in abundance and save what is in peril of being lost.

stay tuned.