Beverage Straws.

We grow and harvest grasses to create zero waste ecoware that you can use every day.

E.B's Icecream Supports local Seaweed Farming

E.b's ice-cream parlor Owner in Sechelt BC knew a great opportunity when she saw it. I told her about our farm and she bartered for her first pack with ice-cream for me and my son! Trying to find a decent straw for a good price had her giving up. Now she proudly carries our zero waste organic seaweed straws for her hot and cold beverages.

The Wobbly Canoe Supports Seaweed Farming

The Wobbly Canoe in Davis Bay BC added our Sunshine Coast Seaweed Straws to their inventory. The Wobbly Canoe is very discerning about waste and recycling. Being zero waste our straws are a great fit with his ethos.